About Me

I'm just an InfoSec noob trying to learn, teach, and have some fun. Most of my early work was in the government and financial sector, but now I'm enjoying life in the video game industry focused on detection engineering, security orchestration / automation, digital forensics, and incident response with a little bit of regulatory compliance tossed in from time to time. I really started getting interested in the information security industry after competing in competitions such as CyberPatriot in high school and highly recommend participating as a competitor or mentor.

While my main focus is information security, I have also spent time doing digital marketing and system administration by spending years building forums and software ventures with friends. One of our largest forums grew to over 100,000 members within two years and our largest independent project ended up topping just over 93,000 paid subscribers in 31 countries in just 15 months before being acquired.

When I have free time I’m usually spending it exploring the SF Bay Area and trying out new restaurants, traveling somewhere, mentoring students for competitions like CyberPatriot / NCCDC, or practicing new skills for work by doing things like helping companies through bug bounty programs. I have reported over 100 vulnerabilities in 60+ websites, applications, and/or products for companies such as Microsoft, Apple, Netflix, eBay/PayPal, Adobe, Nokia, RedHat, Zynga, Uber, BlackBerry, Zendesk, Yandex, Constant Contact, and many more!